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How well do you know your team?

Are there hidden “Accelerators” or “Bottlenecks” who have undue influence on team performance? The vast number of team and employee performance training, consulting, and remediation companies are a testament to the complexity of running large teams and organizations. Despite their best efforts, we’ve all seen the following perplexing scenarios at one point or another in […]


A New Way to Improve your Team Performance

Use Network Science measure & assess performance accurately One of the many surprises, when I entered the field of Operations, was how success is measured for an Operations team. Operations managers or Process Leaders are held to 3 key success factors: 1. How much their team produced, 2. The quality (or error rate) of their […]


Why Team Chemistry should be a Manager’s #1 Priority

“Successful teams are all alike; every unsuccessful team is unsuccessful in its own way.” This line modified for business contexts, from Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, utters a simple yet poignant truth in the business world. When we look at how successful teams operate, they all have some basic things in common — their team members seem to come together, despite different backgrounds, skill […]


Manage the Forest, NOT the Trees

  Current methods and tools in place for managers tend to assess each employee separately and seeks to pull out their discrete contributions, personalities, and behavioral tendencies. None of the tools, however, allow the manager to see the proverbial forest, they only see the trees. Teams, as managers are intuitively aware, are not just a […]


Can You Predict Your Team’s Success?

Conventional tools used by managers and leaders to enhance their team performance tend to fall in two key categories: enhancing individual contribution or addressing a specific failure or pressing issue facing the team, such as project management or lack of innovation. However, teams are not just the sum of the individuals on the team, nor do they operate in […]



How to Make Precise Decisions to Enhance Productivity & Innovation Most managers spend majority of their time and energy focused on their teams and employees, and their decisions, both big and small, have a strong impact on their team’s performance and the level of an employee’s engagement within the team. These decisions are supported by […]


How Teams Operate when Management Isn’t Looking

Sustainable success is beyond skills, experience, leadership and company culture We’ve all seen it. A great collection of skill sets, strong resume experiences, qualified leadership, nice team building and culture initiatives……yet the team struggles to work together. Managers spend too much time “managing” and far too little time “leading” and facilitating innovation. On the contrary, a […]


The #1 Reason Why Good Managers Make Bad Team Decisions: Incomplete Information on their teams

Information on employees and teams is GOLD — This is proven by the vast industry of Human Resource Information Systems — there are a plethora of tools in the market to help managers get more information on their employees, from tools that compile a list of personalities within the team, or anonymous surveys which provide a report card on […]

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Why is your team struggling — despite cutting edge HR tools and surveys?

Executives today have increasing amounts of data on their organizations. They can conduct Engagement surveys, Cultural reviews, Team Dynamics analysis, Personality tests, Psycho-analytical assessments, Behavioral models, and good ol’ fashioned data mining of HR data and Social media, just to name a few tools in the marketplace. While each of these tools is useful in its own […]