About Us

Humans drive workforce networks. How they interact, who they affect and what they do all result in a culture whose key relationships can be analyzed and improved on.

Our team is composed of people that are passionate about locking this potential.

We are  strategy, operations, finance and technology leaders who  have led large, complex global teams for multi-national companies and banks and we understand the impact good strategies can have in the right hands.

We are backed by academic advisors with PhDs in network analysis.  Their expertise, coupled with our past experiences with leading large teams, has powered the algorithms and machine learning models and enabled us to tailor our platform to the needs of today’s business leaders.

Shwetha Pai

Shwetha Pai

CEO & Co-Founder

Shwetha Pai is a Finance and Operations strategy leader, and has led global and regional teams for large banks and other multinational companies. Her passion in innovative people management tools led her to the concept of Social Capital Analysis, which was first introduced to her while doing her MBA at Columbia University. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University.

Matt Salerno

Matt Salerno

CTO & Co-Founder

Matt Salerno is a software engineer and technical leader with 20 years of experience designing and developing scalable applications and leading teams to turn ideas into live software products. Matt has created software products for Oracle Corporation, US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, US Department of the Treasury and multiple intelligence agencies.

Waziri Garuba

Waziri Garuba


Waziri is a marketing and business strategy executive who has helped several fast-growing companies grow from concept to the $1MM in sales mark. Prior to this, he spent a decade on Wall St. structuring carbon credits and working in renewable energy banking in New York. A native of Nigeria, Waziri is a graduate of Columbia Business School.

Brian Stout

Brian Stout


Brian Stout has over 30 years of expertise building successful businesses from start-up through exit. He began his career in systems engineering and quickly moved to management consulting and then to early stage companies (focusing on Business Development, Product Management, and Operations). He has both Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

We are the future of inclusion.

OrgAnalytix combines Machine Learning technology with Network Analytics to provide managers with actionable detailed insights faster than other HR tools in the market (such as engagement surveys, behavioral studies or personality tests)

What others say about us…

“We use various tools to help our leaders and teams improve performance such as engagement surveys, lean six sigma reviews, collaboration softwares, behavioral assessments, but we always underperformed vs. what we knew our potential was. OrgAnalytix is the last piece of the puzzle – not only do we see the full team dynamics within the company, but it has helped us make the other tools more effective than ever before!”

Global Manufacturing Company

“This analysis has shown us how each employee influences the broader team in ways we never could using the usual 360º reviews.”

Global Consulting Company

“It is hard to believe 6 questions can provide you so much in-depth data. I was a skeptic until we saw the results, and now I can’t wait to expand this to other parts of my company.”

Fast Growing US Bank

“It was a simple process – 5 minute survey with only 6 simple questions, and then the tool did everything for you.”

Fortune 100 Financial Corporation