What Does Inclusion Mean To You?

We use machine learning to analyze and diagnose inclusion within workforces. Our insights help firms to retain top diverse talent, to uncover organizational issues and to improve the work environment.

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Diagnose your Diversity and Inclusion Roadblocks

 Visualize and report on the key challenges your workforce faces in improving inclusion.

 Unconnected Clusters

Unengaged Employees

 Hidden Influencers


When you make Diversity more than just Hiring and Compliance goals your team integration will skyrocket.


No more inefficient spending on D&I programs! Use success metrics to make action plans and to get higher ROI.


With unconscious bias known, connect employees to sponsors and mentors that will propel their careers and team productivity.


Effective diversity and inclusion programs provide longer employee life-cycles and lower turnover.

Meet Our Solution for Measuring Inclusion

Our web-based software is easy to use.  Built-in data collection tools quickly gather data that drive powerful visualizations and detailed reports.

In no time, our inclusion-focused machine learning models and proprietary algorithms will give you insights into inclusion for the organization, teams and individuals alike.

OrgAnalytix Platform

Visualize & Measure D&I program impacts over time


OrgChart overlays show employee access to mentors, knowledge and more…


Machine learning models built for team inclusivity


Explore “what if” scenarios for your organization


Powerful reports show inclusion & diversity at individual, group and organization levels

Make smarter decisions around engagement, diversity, performance reviews, innovation and company culture.

Gain a better understanding of the inner workings of your teams using the key dimensions that drive inclusion.

Find out why these leading brands choose OrgAnalytix.


“We use various tools to help our leaders and teams improve performance such as engagement surveys, lean six sigma reviews, collaboration softwares, behavioral assessments, but we always underperformed vs. what we knew our potential was. OrgAnalytix is the last piece of the puzzle – not only do we see the full team dynamics within the company, but it has helped us make the other tools more effective than ever before!”

Global Manufacturing Company

“This analysis has shown us how each employee influences the broader team in ways we never could using the usual 360º reviews.”

Global Consulting Company

“It is hard to believe 6 questions can provide you so much in-depth data. I was a skeptic until we saw the results, and now I can’t wait to expand this to other parts of my company.”

Fast Growing US Bank

“It was a simple process – 5 minute survey with only 6 simple questions, and then the tool did everything for you.”

Fortune 100 Financial Corporation

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